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Rules & Etiquette

Post by dane75 on Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:15 am

Rules & Etiquette
Please read and abide by these guidelines while wearing the clan tag in game

cXc may not be the most skilled clan however I like to think we are one of the more friendly and laid back clans. As such if people could read through the following guidelines and keep them in mind when they are playing.

  • Be courteous to other teams - when in a lobby waiting to play don't instantly start attacking other people because they are a different nationality, skill level or speak another language. When you finish a game thank the other team rather than laugh at them or being rude to them.

  • Don't speak badly about other clans or clan members to other clans or people. If you don't like another clan or it's member save the criticism for a private area.

  • If someone is interested in joining the clan send them here to sign up and read through the info on joining & rules rather than have them just wear the clan tag.

They are the main ones at the moment. Just keep in mind your words and actions in game and on other forums can reflect badly upon the clan as a whole. We have started to gain a bit of respect from some of the other clans it would be a shame to see it all ruined by one person going out and bringing all of us into disrepute. The vision of this clan is to have fun have some decent pinged games and enjoy playing with and against other players in a pleasant atmosphere regardless of individuals skill levels. We have a great group of guys in our clan at the moment and I'd like to keep it that way.



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